Yobs cause Halloween chaos in Biggleswade by throwing fireworks in town centre

'They were constantly chasing the kids involved, then a firework would go off somewhere else...'

By The Newsroom
Friday, 5th November 2021, 3:49 pm
Updated Friday, 5th November 2021, 3:54 pm

Yobs caused chaos on Halloween as they threw fireworks in Biggleswade town centre and even lobbed the explosives at a police car.

On October 31, officers were dismayed when a few "very lovely hours with local trick or treaters" were followed by a number of dangerous incidents in the town.

Careless individuals, believed to be teenagers and young adults, were throwing fireworks in the centre, while firefighters dealt with damage to an electric cables box and a hedge fire.

Back Street, Biggleswade. Photo: Bedfordshire Police.

Biggleswade Community Policing Team stated: "Unfortunately, following a very lovely few hours out with the local trick or treaters, we were called to several firework related jobs.

"We had numerous reports of fireworks being thrown in Biggleswade town centre and these were even thrown in the direction of our police vehicle.

"Fireworks are not toys and can be incredibly dangerous when not used properly and in a safe environment. They can do a lot of damage or cause serious injuries should they hit someone.

"Tonight [October 31], remnants of a firework caught an electric cables box causing smoke and sparks, in which our colleagues at Biggleswade Community Fire Station have had to come out to put out and make safe.

"Please take care out there and think before you act. Report any concerns to us on 101 or online, and use 999 in an emergency."

Deputy Mayor of Biggleswade, Councillor Grant Fage, told the Chronicle: "I know the Town Council operates a number of CCTV cameras in the town centre so my expectation is that some activity would have been picked up by the cameras and I hope the police will liaise with the company that oversees that.

"I am extremely disappointed that a few unscrupulous individuals and unpleasant characters think that it is appropriate to set off fireworks in the town centre. I expect most people in Biggleswade are seriously unimpressed with the activity.

"The best the town council can do is keep the cameras to a high standard, so if things go wrong the police will have evidence.

"By and large, from what I picked up on, it seems that Halloween was a relatively tame affair and the majority of residents were able to enjoy the day."

Meanwhile, the firefighters were called to douse flames from a burning hedge.

A Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue spokeswoman stated: "On Sunday, October 31, at around 21.37pm, crews from Biggleswade were called to Back Street in Biggleswade to a small fire in a hedge caused by malicious use of fireworks.

"The fire was extinguished using a backpack sprayer and a thermal imaging camera was also used. The scene was made safe by the fire service."

Commenting on social media, one resident said: "I feel for the two PCSOs that were out on Back Street last night. They were constantly chasing the kids involved, then a firework would go off somewhere else on either Hitchin Street, London Road, High Street or Back Street. One went off into the front of our flat. Thanks to all the emergency services last night."