Fast food takeaway fans are divided in the great plate debate

Do you like eating your takeout straight from the carton or do you prefer to serve it on a plate?

The answer to this big question has divided a nation of fast food takeaway fans.

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Just under half (47%) like to tuck into their meal straight from its original packaging, saying it tastes better that way.

The great plate debate was sparked by food delivery platform Just Eat which asked its Facebook followers whether they would eat their food straight from the packaging or serve it up on a dish.

The research from Just Eat - who deliver everything from burgers and bao buns to sandwiches and sushi - uncovered the foods deemed most “acceptable” to eat straight from the packaging, with McDonald’s (84%), KFC & Greggs (82%) ranking the highest.

Rich sauces

On the flip side, some Brits felt that certain delivered cuisines should always be plated up, with Chinese meals (37%), Thai meals (38%) and Indian meals (41%) taking the top spots, arguably all spillable options with their rich sauces.

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Nearly a third (31%) said their takeaway experience would be ruined if they plated up the food.

And a whopping three-quarters said that eating from the packaging gave them a night off from doing any washing up,

Who you’re eating with also affected how we serve up, with 68% saying they’re more likely to eat food straight from the packaging when dining alone.

Pizza place

Takeaway traditions and opinions also extended to where we eat different cuisines - on your lap in front of the TV was most popular for pizza (83%) and fish and chips (82%) while 69% said Chinese and Indian should always be eaten at the table (and on a plate!).

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Andrew Kenny, Just Eat UK managing director commented: “Research showed that 60% of the nation believe eating food straight from the packaging adds to the experience, so whether you plate up an order or not, it’s clear Brits’ passion for food delivered on demand is stronger than ever.”

The research was carried out among 2,000 customers in August.

(photo: Shutterstock).

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