Fierce females and family favourites: 5 great films on TV this weekend

There's plenty of thrilling flicks available to watch this weekend - and they won't cost you a penny.

From some of the most popular film franchises in history to modern reboots of your childhood favourites, there's plenty of choice.

Here's five of the best flicks on the box this weekend:

The Smurfs

Saturday June 9 - ITV 2 - 4:20pm

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A real childhood favourite got a long-overdue reboot in 2013 and delivers thrills and laughs in equal measure.

Starring Katy Perry and Neil Patrick Harris - as well as an array of other stars - the film sees the Smurfs transported to New York City.

There, they must try and fend off the threat of evil wizard Gargamel who is intent on destroying the tiny travellers.

You'll be kept on the edge of your seat throughout in a film that will keep the whole family thoroughly entertained.


Saturday June 9 - BBC 1 - 6:05pm

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If Disney put their name to it, you know it's going to be good.

And that's certainly the case with Maleficent - a story of love, betrayal and magic that is sure to captivate the younger members of your family.

Angelina Jolie takes on the title role and delivers a fine performance in a film which is excellent Saturday evening viewing.

The Hunger Games

Saturday June 9 - E4 - 7:15pm

It's become one of the most popular film franchises of all time - and now there's a chance to return to the very start.

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Follow Katniss Everdeen as she is dragged into the Hunger Games, a battle to the death where everything isn't quite as it seems.

There's action, intrigue and even an ongoing love arc that will have you desperate to watch the second installment.

Hotel Transylvania

Sunday June 10 - ITV 2 - 3:20pm

A real family favoruite, this animated flick combines a star-studded cast with a hilarious script.

After opening a monster-exclusive hotel, Count Dracula is shaken when his first ever human visitor arrives.

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Calamity naturally follows, as the vampire tries to keep the human away from his guests - and daughter.

Expect to see a side of Dracula that you've never seen before'¦

Legally Blonde

Sunday June 10 - ITV 2 - 7:05pm

With Reese Witherspoon confirming a third Legally Blonde is on its way, why not cast your mind back to the original? (like you would need any excuse to watch it!)

Elle Woods is the fierce female lead who heads off to law school to try and win her ex-boyfriend back in this laugh-a-minute 2001 flick.

It's easy to see why the critics and general public rated the film so highly, and its as enjoyable now as it was over a decade ago.