Muscle-bound, tattooed, Norwegian-speaking Vikings are the most dateable men

Muscle-bound men with tattoos, a Viking-inspired sense of style - and the ability to speak Norwegian are most likely to get a date, a study has found.

Coming in at 6ft 2in, chaps called Oli with brown hair, grey eyes, who own a dog and earn somewhere between £75,000 and £100,000 are most likely to gain female admirers.

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However, dating app data shows women hailing from Essex called Melissa, who earn £35,000 and £50,000, can speak Russian and are 5ft 3in tall have the greatest chance of receiving messages from men.

And those with brown eyes and blonde hair also hold most appeal among males.

The dream dates were revealed by Plenty of Fish, which analysed more than one million profiles in the UK to identify the traits most likely to result in interest from users.

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It also emerged women tend to seek men with a degree '“ whereas males opt for females who are educated to high school level.

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Dating dilemmas

Shannon Smith, spokeswoman for Plenty of Fish, said: 'There is often a difference between what singles say they want, and their actual behaviour on our app.

'For example, men are often teased in the pub for being broody or wanting kids, but it's clear that this is a big goal for them just as much as it is for women.

'Or that, despite a move towards cleaner living, a first date over a pint or a cocktail seems to be the most preferable.'

It also emerged women consider a firefighter to be the most attractive job for men to have, while a career in insurance is the job males find most attractive in females.

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And those who have a pet tend to receive a message an average of 51 per cent faster than those who don't.

Women aged 25 are of particular interest among men, while males aged 35 are especially appealing to females.

Melissa is the most popular female name, receiving the most replies on the app - with Beth, Katy and Amanda close behind.

And Oli is the number one male name, followed by Jake, Robbie and Joshua.

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The research also shows both genders look for a date who wants to have children, as well as wanting someone who is very ambitious and owns a car.

The top features likely to attract a date


NAME '“ Oli - +24%AGE - 35 - +13%LOCATION '“ Surrey - +65%JOB - Firefighter - +179%HEIGHT - 6ft 2in - +30%EYES - Grey Eyes - +8%HAIR - Brown Hair - +12%EDUCATION - Degree - +33%WANTS KIDS - Wants Kids - +13%SMOKING - Doesn't Smoke - +20%DRINKING - Drinks Socially - +6%PETS - Has a Dog - +6%MONEY £75,000 - £100,000 - +68%SECOND LANGUAGE - Norwegian - +32%PERSONALITY TYPE - Very Ambitious - +29%CAR '“ Has a Car - +169%


NAME '“ Melissa - +55%AGE - 25 - +18%LOCATION '“ Essex - +72%JOB - Insurance Sales - +82%HEIGHT - 5ft 3in - +9%EYES - Brown Eyes - +4%HAIR - Blonde Hair - +7%EDUCATION - High School - +4%WANTS KIDS - Wants Kids - +6%SMOKING - Does Smoke - +1%DRINKING - Drinks Socially - +2%PETS - Has a Dog - +5%MONEY £35k - £50k - +10%SECOND LANGUAGE - Russian - +14%PERSONALITY TYPE - Very Ambitious - +26%CAR - Has a Car - +5%

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