The most affordable cities for first-time buyers in England revealed

Motormouth Noel Gallagher may have dubbed Hull a "f****** s***hole" during a solo gig in America this week, but Zoopla has revealed it as the most affordable city in England for first-time buyers.

The city in East Yorkshire scored favourably for first-time buyers in terms of average property prices in the area and the deposit payable.

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The study by the UK property website took account of various other factors, including tax relief available on stamp duty and the cost of servicing a mortgage versus paying rent.

Each area was given a score out of 10, with Hull reaching an none too shabby 8.35 compared to a national average of 7.29.

The average price of a property in Hull is £104,376, with the average deposit payable £15,656.

It is followed by Middlesbrough (£107,041, £16,056 deposit) and Liverpool (£122,137, £18,320 deposit).

North-south divide

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In contrast, cities in the south are the most unobtainable for first-time buyers, with eight of the least affordable cities in the south.

Unsurprisingly, London the most expensive place to live, with first-time buyers having to pay a whopping £518,178 for a property, along with a deposit of £77,727.

Cambridge came in second, with houses costing £438,109 (£65,716 deposit) followed by Brighton (£420,301, £63,045 deposit).

"It's no surprise to see cities in the north offering the most viable options for first-time buyers," said Lawrence Hall, spokesperson for Zoopla.

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"Prices in Southern England have continued to rise at a relatively fast rate, making it very difficult for the average first-time buyer to get on the property ladder.

"The recent relief from Stamp Duty Land Tax on the first £300,000 of a property purchase will clearly help those aiming to get on the property ladder."