This ‘living’ billboard captures carbon dioxide and is powered by sun and wind

Volkswagen has GROWN its latest advertising billboard - a one-of-a-kind ‘living’ screen which captures carbon dioxide and is powered by sun and wind.

The 12 by 3 metre board has been covered in a number of different types of moss, revealing the outline of the new all-electric ID.4 SUV.

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It has gone on display on Prince Street in Manchester to celebrate the arrival of the car giant’s first electric SUV.

How does it work

The billboard has been fitted with solar panels along with four mini wind turbines, which will power the LED bulbs that outline the ID.4.

It took about 160 hours to produce the billboard, and a further eight hours to assemble it on site.

The moss was mounted on boards with a fine mesh fitted over the top to keep it in place, and will be periodically watered over the next four weeks.

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Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen, said: “Volkswagen is committed to delivering a range of net carbon-neutral cars to market and we’re delighted the ID.4 is now available in the UK.

“We thought a fun way to highlight the car’s green credentials was to create a unique advertising board powered by wind and solar energy, that not only has a powerful image but is net carbon-neutral too.”

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