Bromham Mill

Bromham Mill in 1962 PNL-150324-103458001Bromham Mill in 1962 PNL-150324-103458001
Bromham Mill in 1962 PNL-150324-103458001
Continuing our theme of local mills, this week we take a look back at the history of Bromham Mill, courtesy of the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives & Records Service.

The Domesday Book of 1086 recorded two mills in Bromham. It is possible that one of these lay on or near the site of the current mill buildings. In 1247, it is recorded that a woman drowned “by the mill wheel”.

In 1652 the mill had three pairs of grinding stones under one roof. Until the 20th century the mill was owned by the Lord of the Manor of Bromham.

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The date 1695 is inscribed on one of the door jambs and a stone outside is dated 1722. These may come from earlier buildings on the site but the parts of the surviving building certainly date to the 18th century.

From at least 1796 until at least 1885 the tenants of the mill were the Biggs family. They rebuilt the place in 1859 according to a date stone set high into the west gable extension.

In 1973 the mill was sold to Bedfordshire County Council and was used by artisans making pottery and leather goods until a fire broke out in February 1974. The mill was restored in 1977 and the mill gear restored to working order in 1980.

The mill now belongs to Bedford Borough Council and is open on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays 1 to 5 pm, from April to October. It continues to grind corn.