Wolves beat Rebels by just 12 points

Rebellion (in black) play Wolverhampton. Picture by Tom GarnettRebellion (in black) play Wolverhampton. Picture by Tom Garnett
Rebellion (in black) play Wolverhampton. Picture by Tom Garnett
Rebellion Roller Derby missed out on a win by the narrowest of margins when they played Wolverhampton Honour Rollers.

The two teams met in Cambridge on Saturday (March 22) as part of the Heartland Series tournament.

The first jam saw Rebellion captain Inky Minx line up as the jammer with Caztastrophy taking the role for Wolverhampton. But early Rebel penalties saw the Flitwick and Sharnbrook based team left with only two blockers on track, and though Grenade’Her demonstrated some superb one-on-one blocking it was difficult to for them to stop the Wolves gaining an early 25-4 advantage.

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Wolverhampton further increased their lead with excellent blocking by Twisted Firecarter, Opress’her, Rachin Bull and Becky von Smasher; and good jamming by Caztastrophe and Miss Thunderkiss.

But impressive jamming by the Rebels’ Lulu Bloodlust and Dew Dropher narrowed the gap and Rebellion swooped back into the lead with a superb Inky Minx power jam, taking the score up to 58-47 to Rebellion with 12 minutes to go in the first half.

Another Rebellion power jam saw Ayan Nee score 20 points and the Rebels soon increased their lead to 88-59; but a Wolves power jam by Miss Thunderkiss narrowed Rebellion’s lead to 91-80 at half time.

Rebellion’s Lulu Bloodlust continued to pick up the points in the first jam after the break but when they gave away another power jam shortly afterwards Wolverhampton’s Psychopathey weaved her way through the Rebel’s wall, drawing the score level at 95 all.

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With 20 minutes left on the clock the Wolves had pulled ahead to a 135-108 score.

Determined jamming from Lulu Bloodlust, Dew Dropher, Hexecutioner and Catface Killher scored some much needed points for the Rebels but Psychopathey and Caztatrophe racked up the score for the Wolves.

The Rebels faced strong opposition from skilled Wolverhampton blockers, Belle E Dancer, Opress’her and Twisted Firecarter.

Just over two minutes before the final whistle they were 44 points ahead on 181-137.

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As the clock ran down Rebellion bench coach Juliet n Hyde called a team timeout, forcing the officials to start another jam. And what a stunning finish it was!

Inky Minx stepped up as the Rebel’s jammer and when the Wolves’ jammer was sent to the penalty box she whizzed round the track time and time again, scoring an absolutely spectacular 34 points and certainly making Wolverhampton team nervous.

If the game had lasted 30 seconds longer the Rebels could have stolen the victory but as it was they had to settle for a 196-184 final score to the Wolves. But the point differential of only 12 marks puts them in a strong position for the rest of the tournament.

Rebellion are now preparing to face Nottingham Roller Girls on Saturday, May 17.

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