Why Eastbourne is the perfect escape for London band

The Howlers - Credit Rob BlackhamThe Howlers - Credit Rob Blackham
The Howlers - Credit Rob Blackham
Eastbourne proved the perfect place for London band The Howlers to record new tracks as they tried to put difficult times behind them.

The first of their Eastbourne recordings will be released as a single on March 5; the next, six or seven weeks later.

“There will be about three singles,” says band member Adam Young (vocals and guitar), “and then a record comes out July time, an EP, a mini pocket album really.”

“We recorded all the tracks in Eastbourne.

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“The producer we were working with comes from Brighton and he suggested a couple of studios, one of them being Eastbourne.

“We got there and we just fell in love with the studio and with the people that were there.

“There was a real community feel to it – and you could feel that even just from emails.

“For us, it was just the perfect place to record. Being a London band, if you can get out of the Big Smoke, it is so much better.

“We have always said we don’t want to record in London.

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“You are more focused if you can get away. If you are able to get away from your normal distractions, you are able to put yourself much more into your art form.

“Also, the recording came about because I had just lost a member of my family to Covid-19. It was my granddad. We were not allowed to go and see him or anything like that.

“But what we can do as a band is write some tunes. We managed to get together and lock ourselves away in a factory in north London, just us, writing together and using the writing as a cathartic tool to help us get through what I was going through.

“And it was really helpful. We wrote six tracks, and we recorded them and it is the best stuff that we have ever written.

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“It was the first time that we could all sit down together and contribute to every facet of the music. We wrote it in isolation – and it was a strange time.

“It was in the middle of all the Black Lives Matter protests in London and we were driving to the factory every day past people who were protesting and chanting and there were sirens – and then we locked ourselves away for the day and then we drove back again past people protesting and chanting and sirens.

“We were spending our days together in this windowless box – and there was protesting at either end of the day.”

Adam, originally from Portsmouth, met the other two in the band in London and likes to think of anyone who has ever helped or encouraged them as part of the band’s extended family.

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“London is our multi-cultural hub and our home and we branch out from there.

“And really the guy at the studio in Eastbourne couldn’t have been more welcoming or helpful to us, just great, and gave us free rein. It was just perfect.

“We have been together just over two years now. We started releasing music in June 2019 and we have released three singles until now. Our last single got a bit scuttled by Covid.

“It got released two days after the lockdown happened. It was unbelievably-poor planning on our part!”