John Pilgrim: Why do these billionaires bother with bossing us about?

IT is quite amazing exactly what it took to finally get rid of Silvio Berlusconi. Italy is after all supposed to be a democracy!

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 19th November 2011, 4:15 am

It makes one wonder exactly what drives a man like him or the Maxwells and other incredibly rich people in this world to seek even more power.

One just has to hope and trust that for every person like them there is someone like Bill Gates who tries to do something helpful and useful with his hard earned money.

I am still trying to get my head around what is happening all over Europe, greed and the lust for power for powers sake is the only explanation I can come up with at the moment.

I notice that the Prime Minister and his cronies have stopped using the phrase ‘We are all in it together’ which is at least more honest even if it does not help the situation.

The really odd thing is that the present financial situation in which we find ourselves fails to stop the unceasing number of rubbish ideas that emanate from the Common Market, it wouldn’t surprise me if straight bananas are not back on the agenda pretty soon.

nThe other week I mentioned that I would be interested to find out exactly what the cost of moving a vast number of the BBC’s work to Manchester is. I got a tiny inkling this week when a radio co-presenter talked about staying in a hotel every Friday evening in Manchester where the programme is broadcast from. How many more employees does the BBC pay regular hotel bills for? Currently ‘Auntie’ is cutting back drastically on local radio and using more and more repeats on TV it might help if they cut down on ‘freebies’ for the higher ups in the organisation.

nWalking the dog takes up a lot of my time which enables me to keep up with the news as well as the local gossip. On Monday we put the Greek, French, German and Italian problems to rights and that left the rest of the week for local stuff. We each gave our opinion of the lady with the Jack Russell who keeps herself to herself and won’t join in with the group. Sometimes I wish that I were her!

We are currently being plagued by an elderly man who is new to the park. Apparently he roams the wooded area collecting the balls that the dogs have lost. He takes them home (that’s the balls not the dogs) and keeps them as trophies.

Gamma, Henry, Amber, Jimmy, Rocky and the rest will end up ball less if we are not careful and then where will we be?