Tenant’s plea over field disturbances

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A tenant is appealing to police and a housing association for help after suffering constant problems with noise and antisocial behaviour.

Anna Foster, who lives in Clifton says life has become gradually more difficult as she has been kept awake at night and has also suffered abuse when she has complained to those responsible.

Anna, 42, of Whiston Crescent says youths who gather in the field close to her home are making her life a misery.

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She has called on Bedfordshire Police and the Aragon Housing Association – who she rents her home from – to deal with the problem or move her to another house.

She said: “Almost every night there are people out on that field shouting, making noise, or playing football like they were the other night.

“I have spoken to some of the people responsible but all I seem to get is abuse – it’s hard to know what to do really.”

Anna – who has lived in the road for eight years – is also partially sighted and suffers from photo-sensitive epilepsy, making it more difficult for her to deal with the problems.

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She added: “With the difficulties I have with my eyesight it can be hard to know where the noise is coming from and who is responsible.

“At night particularly I have had problems as sometimes it is difficult for me to leave the house to see what is going on.

“I have called the police and they have sent officers over but very often the people in the field have run away before they get there.”

Anna also says she has
experienced persistent issues with damp in the property.

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She said: “It’s on the walls, doors and skirting boards, and has definitely affected my health as I have asthma now and I didn’t before.”

Debbie Stuart, assistant director – housing and support at the Aragon Housing Association said: “We have informed the tenant that unfortunately we cannot deal with antisocial behaviour issues and that this is something that should be taken up with the police, which has been done.

“At no point has she been told that she cannot move and like every other customer, would have to go through the normal channels should she wish to.”

She added: “The issue with damp at the property was reported back in July 2011 and was dealt with shortly after.

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“Since then, we have carried out a number of improvements to the property without delay or issues.”

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police confirmed that officers had attended following reports of antisocial behaviour, and that a PCSO would be visiting Anna to discuss the problems.