Irish music star visits Stevenage

A big name within the Irish music scene is bringing his latest UK tour to The Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage.
Nathan CarterNathan Carter
Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter comes to the venue on Friday February 10 starting at 7.30pm.

Nathan and his six man band perform a great variety of country, Irish, pop and ballads - music for everyone of all ages.

He is also an expert accordion player so you can expect a bit of hand clapping, foot tapping hooley as well.

Nathan said: “I guess my music is a good mix of country, big ballads/ rock`n`roll / Irish and Celtic music , a real mixed bag I guess , and hopefully something for everyone.”

One of the things that he has done is a bring new following to Irish music, so how has he managed to do that.

He responded: “I guess because I`m relatively young myself – 26-years-old , that younger folks can relate to me a bit more.

“However , I`m very lucky to have fans from 8 to 80 at my shows also.

“I love the challenge of playing new venues and especially in new countries , for example I loved playing in France and Australia last year , and I can`t wait to visit America in September.

“I just love doing what I am doing and I want to continue to grow my career … hopefully in other countries, but also to continue to grow a fan base here in the UK also.”

He also talks a little bit about the challenges that go with writing your own material.

Nathan said: “Songwriting is something that I really enjoy , and yes you have to bare your soul a little , but that’s kinda cool also.

“I`m developing as a songwriter I think , and loving it.”

Tickets for the show cost from £23.50 to £26.

These can be booked by calling the box office on 01438 363200 or visit

To find out a little more about the performer and examples of his music visit