British Freedom Party campaign posters taken down

Two campaign posters for the British Freedom Party’s police and crime commissioner candidate have been taken down.

One poster, in Hibbert Street, Luton, had had a Hitler moustache painted on the face of candidate Kevin Carroll. A swastika had also been painted.

Luton Borough Council said yesterday that it had asked advertising site owners, Primesight, to remove offensive graffiti resembling a swastika from a British Freedom Party poster, but “did not request for the poster to be removed”.

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But Mr Carroll said he had already spray painted out the graffiti himself, meaning the swastika was no longer visible.

He said: “Both my posters have been completely removed. They were legitimate legal advertising boards in an electoral campaign.

“The democratic process is being interfered with. I’ve reported it to the police and put a complaint in to the Electoral Commission.”